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Opening Day Spring 2021

By Brian Crews, 02/18/21, 9:45PM EST



Dear Winter Park Babe Ruth Spring 2021 Players and Families,

Winter Park Babe Ruth Softball and Baseball Spring season is here.  We have been in practice mode and now games will start this Saturday.  All teams but 3 are playing this Saturday.  PLEASE READ THIS FULL EMAIL FOR IMPORTANT INFORMATION.  ALWAYS CHECK THE NEWS FEED ON THE WEBSITE ALSO!

**Remember Pictures are Saturday for all teams.  Make sure you get a team picture even if you are not buying individual pictures.

So far, with a few reminders to coaches and players, we have had good acceptance of the COVID guidelines.  This is also a reminder to parents that we need to also make sure we social distance at the games.  The city has warned us a of parents being too close to one another please social distance.  We need to continue our efforts in all areas.

One thing each year that we have problems with is parking around the park.  Please be considerate of one another when you park.  Make sure you are not leaving a large space between your car and the car you are parking beside.  In lot 1 and lot 3 this has been the biggest problem as these lots are not marked with parking spaces.  On Saturday’s we cone lot 3 to prevent a traffic jam between games.  We are not able to do that for the Tuesday and Thursday games.  There is parking in the very back of lot 3 that some may not be aware of.  However, be careful as you can get stuck back there if you go in the soft spots.  Some of you may not know but behind Field 6 & 7 there is a big new lot that never gets full on Saturday’s.  We have an updated map for the parking around the park for you to see on the website.  Again, please be courteous and do not block others in or take too much space.  Also do not park in front of the Handicap parking spots behind Field 3 in lot 3. 

As a reminder we have also signed up for the RainOut app that you can sign up for with this link  Or you can go to the website on the home page and get the link there.  This will let everyone know when the fields will be closed due to weather issues.  It is requested for you use email vs a text message as it saves the league a charge if you do not mind doing that. 

We also have an apparel link on our website called Squad Locker that is on the home page as well.  You can get varying WPBR Logoed merchandise there.  If you want your team specific apparel you can go to Foskett Sporting Goods phone #407-658-0594 and address is: 3225 Curry Ford Rd. Orlando, FL. 32806

We have been doing ok this past Fall at the concession stand with social distancing and we have an online ordering opportunity at the ball bark for concessions now.  You can order while watching the game and they will text you when your order is ready.  Here is the link/QR Code for you to use. 

Thanks everyone for your support and the items with Squad Locker and your Concession stand purchases also help support the league with portions of the proceeds coming back to the league. 

Have fun, Stay Safe and we will see you at the Ball Park!

Brian Crews

WPBR Board